Loud Noises!

I’m beginning to examine some of my triggers. For example:

I don’t do well in loud, crowded places. The Air and Space Museum does me in. As does any stadium/large venue concert. I can’t handle being bombarded with that much stimuli, without becoming really agitated. And anxious. It’s sensory overload, for sure. I don’t do well in loud restaurants, and riding the Metro during rush hour has been known to induce foot-stomping temper tantrums and anxiety attacks. Crowded airports? Forget about it.

It’s like I have some sort of social allergy.

I genuinely like people. I really do! Just as long as they use their indoor voice, and keep their distance. Heh.

I know that it’s possible for me to manage this trigger. I mean, I’m already doing it to some extent. When I can help it, I just avoid situations that are going to set me off. And when I can’t avoid it, I just have to figure out strategies for working around it. Case in point: I love visiting NYC, but I know that it will overwhelm me. So, I usually have my iPod with me, and will frequently need to find quiet spaces to duck into, like an art gallery or an unpopulated part of Central Park, to just sit with my thoughts and decompress.

I’ve always attributed this to my status as an introvert. I’m an INFJ, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. But maybe it’s actually due to my status as a Bipolar Super Star (trademark pending). Or some combination of the two.

It’s occurred to me that maybe I should stop looking at this diagnosis as if I’m navigating my way through something brand new and uncharted. Maybe a better approach is to just look at my world through fresh eyes, and recognize that I’ve already developed some  strategies for coping with things like these triggers.

Huh. I guess it’s all about perspective.


4 thoughts on “Loud Noises!

    • Ah! A kindred spirit! There’s probably no connection, but curiously enough, the only other people I know with bipolar are also introverts. Wonder what that’s all about?

  1. Me, too! I guess that’s why I ‘get along’ so well with both of you…kindred sisters. My coping mechanisms for too much stimulation went out the window when I became hyperstimulated. I had to stay home a lot. My dear hubby had to be by my side and we left when I said enough in the early months of my re-entry to the world. I can now tolerate for short periods the overstimulation but know that it will take 2 days to recover. It’s the price I pay. I have to weigh the pros and cons.

    • Yeah, I have five days in Hawaii next week, working at an international sporting event, spending all day talking to strangers about the mission of the org I work for. I’m still trying to figure out exactly when I’m suppose to take my meds–I haven’t even begun to think about how I’ll cope with all of that stimuli. Ugh.

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