At least it wasn’t a head in that duffel bag.

It is very likely that a serial killer is on the loose in the area and no one seems even remotely interested in talking about it:

Package with Human Remains Found on Train Tracks

Why does it seem like I am the only one concerned about this?Ā  No one in the office, besides me, seemed horrified by this discovery. One of my colleagues said it was inconvenient–she was on the train that stopped, and it took her four hours to get home. Understood, but it was a bag with a human fucking body part in it. That–thankfully–doesn’t happen every day.

My other colleague just shrugged and said, “it wasn’t a head.”

He sounded disappointed.

If it wasn’t a head, then exactly which body part was it? This would be good information to have. Was it a finger? Meh. You never hear about finger-chopping sprees. A finger seems like a warning. So does an ear.

And someone’s donker? That’s personal. A scorned lover, most likely.

Now, a foot? This would be more alarming. A foot sends a clear message: “I am unstable and gaining confidence in my ability to chop people up.”

A person can live without a foot. If they found a foot, the victim could still be alive and there might be enough time to catch the perpetrator before he escalates.

A torso? A torso means this person is comfortable dismembering a human body. If they found a torso--shit just got very real.

They need to tell us which body part they discovered, so I’ll know exactly how much to freak out. The public deserves to know!

Even if the news is met with indifference.

Have we become so jaded and desensitized that nothing short of a head in a duffel bag is going to impress us?

I guess so.

Thank God I’m medicated.






7 thoughts on “At least it wasn’t a head in that duffel bag.

  1. LOL, I can relate. People seem very desensitized in general to human suffering. It’s odd how those of us with some empathy/compassion end up looking like the weird ones šŸ˜›

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