Currently Unsupervised

I’m off to Hawaii!

I’ve spent the past few days overcoming bubonic plague a sinus infection, and trying to adjust my medications to the six-hour time difference. I goofed the first day and while I intended to take my meds three hours later than normal, I accidentally took them eight hours late. Oops.

Pristiq, I love and fear you. Effexor’s supposedly kinder, gently little brother packs a wallop if I miss a dose (or almost miss a dose). Has anyone else experienced that? I was surprised at how quickly the discontinuation symptoms kicked in. I spent most of Friday feeling dizzy and nauseated and brain zappy. Blech.

But I’m much better now, and off to Hawaii in the morning.


I may be the only person in the world who has had to talk herself into a trip to an island paradise. Sad, right? But I guess those of us on the bipolar spectrum have to consider things most people don’t have to consider.

Am I going to get enough sleep?

How long will it take for my circadian rhythm to adjust?

Should I have had my shrink up my dose of Lamictal before this trip?

I was in a very dark place a few months ago, and right now, I’m feeling pretty stable. I don’t want to mess that up.
I did some research on traveling while crazy, and think I’m prepared enough. I guess part of my anxiety comes from doing this trip solo. Michael is still out-of-town and flies back to DC tomorrow night, so he can’t come to Hawaii with me. I wish he could. He’s so good at calming me down when I’m anxious and starting to spiral in one direction or another.

I’m hoping that once I get there, the sunshine and the ocean air will distract me. And the Tiki drinks. Heh.

There are certainly worse places work could send me. I think seeing one Hawaiian sunset is probably worth the trip, alone. And who knows? I might actually have a good time.





3 thoughts on “Currently Unsupervised

  1. Sinus infections are the pits, but am glad to hear that you’re on the mend. As far as your trip goes, It sounds like you’re really well prepared … I hope it’s enjoyable, and look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

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