One Year Anniversary of the Bipolar Diagnosis

Wow. I’m more of a knucklehead and refused to start meds until about four months ago, but I can relate to much of this post. Thanks for writing this, Disorderly Chickadee, and happy anniversary! 🙂

Disorderly Chickadee

One year ago today I had the appointment – upon urging from my then brand-new therapist – in which the nth person said, you’re bipolar. Except that time, I finally took it seriously, and started taking meds for it.

Things improved a lot for me on the new drugs, but I’ve had more medication changes in the last year than you can shake a stick at. I’m getting a bit exasperated with it, but I have to admit that I’m generally far more functional than I used to be, especially at this time of year. I’m not coping all that well lately but these things come and go, right?

That’s something thing I’ve learned quite well since this diagnosis: it’s all transient. This mood is temporary. I do not need to fear that the depression will reign forever. In fact, at this point, I actually know how to trigger…

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